Tibia Hunting Places

Solo Places

Solo Knight
Solo Mage (Sorcerer/Druid)
Solo Paladin - Single Target
Solo Paladin - AOE (150+)

Multi Vocation Places

Full 4 Vocation TH
Knight + Druid duo
Paladin + Druid duo


  1. These lists intend to cover all 'good enough' spots to hunt at, this means not all the places will be absolutely top tier
  2. These lists intend to provide ideas of places to hunt that you might not otherwise think of
  3. These lists are not intended to be guides, instead use these lists to get an idea and then look for one of many detailed guides on e.g. youtube
  4. If you have any comments or suggestions please email me at tibiapalcontact@gmail.com.
    I plan to keep these lists as up-to-date and as accurate as possible so I will be very happy to receive & incorporate your feedback