Welcome to TibiaPal.com everyone! :)

TibiaPal was originally started as 'TibiaLootSplit.com', which most of you know and love.

I created TibiaLootSplit because I was tired of always manually splitting the teamhunt loot - and so TibiaLootSplit.com was born.

TibiaLootSplit's popularity spread like wildfire through the community thanks to word of mouth and quickly had tens of thousands of uses a month (thank you!).

After a few months of working on TibiaLootSplit.com, I decided that the tool was mature enough and most features I could think of I already implemented. That's when I decided to branch out and built TibiaPal.com!

TibiaPal.com is an extension of TibiaLootSplit and has many more tools for the community to use to enhance their Tibia experience!

I continue working on a number of tools and requests (keep them coming!), so please stay tuned for future Tibia tool updates :)

If you would like to contact me, have any suggestions or requests, please feel free to use any of the methods mentioned in the contact section.

Much love and see you in Tibia!