Hello everyone,

Last week TibiaPal.com became an official Tibia fansite, endorsed by CipSoft! Thank you all for using the site and coming back everyday, I couldn't be more happy!
In a few months we will have a contest for a fansite item so stay tuned! :)

In addition, I made some navigational changes to the site.

  1. In order to clean-up the navigation bar, some of the less used tools have been moved into 'Other Tools' section, you can still use them of course under this link Other Tools.
  2. I combined the 'organisational' sorts of pages into one. Previously we had separate pages for About/Contact/Privacy Policy/Archive. They are now all under the about subsite, which can be found here About & Contact.

I hope the changes will make it easier to browse the site! And thanks again everyone for your support, we made it as a fansite!!!!